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Building Multi-Unit Restaurant Marketing Success

How to Step Your Food Biz Up to the Next Level

In 1987 we met our first restaurant franchisee group and we’ve been having a love affair with the food biz ever since. We are a team of restaurant engineers who work one-on-one as partners with individual franchisee owners, corporate organizations and system franchisee associations. We offer strong support programs and tools that are designed to provide tailored solutions to achieve your business goals. With ~3,500 restaurants served, 33 years of trusted relationship, and more than ten billion dollars in revenue impacted, we can help you reach your utmost potential.

How Can Ad Cucina Support Your Unique Restaurant Needs?

We approach every challenge by utilizing our relationship with corporate teams to ensure branding stays consistent, while simultaneously working with franchisees directly on specific media plans and any special offerings a location may require. By tying these two efforts together, we can see the bigger picture as well as the tactics necessary to bring your vision to life.

Now, Let’s Talk Specifics:

At the corporate level, brand stewardship is essential in ensuring creative consistency and adherence to brand guidelines. Because we are in constant communication with key decision makers we ensure your brand, consumer, and product strategy are all being upheld. We even assist in curating assets and effective targeting, measuring success along the way.

On a franchisee level, we combine relevant expertise and tools with hyper local knowledge from franchises. We specialize in one-on-one communication on business goals, media plans, and special offerings to achieve your growth goals. Additionally, we offer scale spend services and customized creative visioning catered to your business, ensuring the big picture you imagine is the big picture we uphold.

In addition to working with you directly, our team uses valuable technological resources that help us better serve you. A few of these resources include Compass: a strategic planning tool used to analyze local store trade areas and provide smart audience targeting, Fransys: a personalized, real-time, automated, franchisee web portal for ordering and tracking marketing, and Ovation: an analytics platform to store, report, monitor, and analyze performance data at scale. These are only a few tools that allow us to help you scale up your business.

Location level targeting allows for customization based on trade area attributes.

On top of all of this, we provide strategy and planning for local store markets to establish goals, objectives, budgets, and KPI’s. We can help you define target audience strategies, channel and formal strategy development, and scale integrated marketing plans such as calendar and promo alignment, omni-channel sustaining plans, grand opening and relocation plans, employee engagement and recruitment plans, and contract negotiations to leverage agency volume. But we’re not done yet, we also provide a/b testing, budget management and optimizations, and performance and ROI reporting. At the end of the day, our key areas of expertise and countless resources are accessible to you because we want you to grow in multi-unit restaurant marketing like we have.

Ad Cucina is ready to start when you are. Schedule a free consultation and franchising analysis by contacting Robert Kapfhammer, President, using the form below.