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Customer Journey - Ad Cucina

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Customer Journey

understanding the path to the plate

Creating that first impression. Staying in their consideration set. Nurturing their interest. Delivering on it. Meeting your customer at every point on their path to the plate is key to anticipating and satisfying their needs.

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3d experiences

Today’s 3D technology presents a variety of opportunities. From virtual tours, eye-tracking studies and 3D customer journey mapping, to augmented reality experiences and 3D web development, we offer a variety of ways to leverage today’s most innovative tech to engage your customers and provide better research for your marketing approach.

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Additional Services

  • Ingress/Egress Flow
  • Site Research/Analysis
  • Traffic Analysis
  • Architectural Design
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Read more about how we can help you identify guest tension points and the levers you can pull to enable sustainable profit and positive guest experiences.

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