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Process Optimization - Ad Cucina

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Process Optimization


For a restaurant venture to succeed and be profitable, more than a few things have to go right. Everything has to go right. We can’t help with a fallen soufflé, but we can help you establish processes that lead to profits.

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service playbooks

Consistency is the key to quality and customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is the key to survival. We’ll help you create your go-to guide to organize how you serve your customers when and how they want to be served – every time. We’ll maximize the value of each employee on the front line and enable them to provide excellent customer experiences.

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food cost benchmarking

Food cost is one of the primary expenses 
any restaurant will experience. Using deep analytics to understand and forecast is tantamount to success.

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Labor Model Benchmarking

Labor cost is another price restaurants have to pay and labor modeling is hard. The environment and use cases are changing all the time. Understanding real-time trends and embracing technology are the keys to staying ahead of the curve.


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