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Restaurant Analytics - Ad Cucina

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Restaurant Analytics


How’s your restaurant doing? How do you know? What’s driving it? What could you be doing differently? You’ve got questions. We can help you get answers with a series of analytical tools and know-how that turns data into dollars.

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one version of the truth: data

Restaurants are blasted by wave after wave of data, but it’s difficult to find a signal in the noise. We can streamline your data to focus on what we measure to improve and grow your business.

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sentiment analysis, brand health

Guests are sharing in the digital space what they find valuable about their restaurant experiences – and they tend to be more honest when talking among themselves. Discovering and monitoring these conversations is invaluable to stealing share, getting ahead of a crisis, or doubling down on what is moving the needle for a restaurant operator.

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Additional Services

  • Eye-Tracking Studies
  • Performance Benchmarking
  • Integrating Research into Performance Reviews
  • Brand Health Pulse


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