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Ensure Your Post-COVID-19 Success with Offers

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New approaches to your strategy to help you be successful

Offers are more important than ever before, but you need a new approach to your strategy post-COVID-19. Here are three things you need to know and how Ad Cucìna can help.

Frugality is the New Reality

Consumers deal with limited hours, limited choices, and limited dollars, and competition for those dollars is high.

  • 51% of consumers are likely to reduce spend on dining, with unemployment remaining at Great Depression-era levels.
  • One-third of U.S. restaurants face permanent closure this year.
  • During the last recession, offer redemption increased by almost 25% year-over-year as consumers sought financial relief and comfort.


Offers are a smart strategy – 30% of consumers will switch their casual dining and fast-food choices if they can save money while doing so, allowing you to steal share.

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Covid-19 accelerated the convenience revolution

The dining landscape has shifted, creating an opportunity to reach new offer-hungry customers.

  • 80% of consumers are willing to try something new if prompted by an offer.
  • 66% of consumers will use digital offers this year. Over half of consumers discover an offer through digital channels from a brand.
  • During COVID-19, 90% of consumers have used delivery regularly. Double-digit increases in delivery services mean it is not going away anytime soon.


Make it easy – Using established delivery services grants new access and awareness to a digitally savvy group of consumers. Offers that can be viewed, saved and redeemed digitally will continue to rise to the top.

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Embrace the power of personalization

Use your loyalty program to make customers feel special and increase their lifetime value.

  • Over 80% of diners say they would join a preferred restaurant’s loyalty program.
  • 81% of diners believe that restaurants should listen and adapt to their customers’ needs.


Put your data to work – Consumers feel like they get an exclusive deal when they get a personalized offer. Personalization offers opportunities for increasing loyalty without the necessity of large investments, by leveraging data owned and available through partnerships.


we know the landscape

Our experts can offer winning strategies based on individual restaurant characteristics, geographies, and needs. Not sure where to start? Scoppechio’s strategy, CRM and segmentation expertise can help you make the most of your offers and determine the highest value drivers – and our smart media approach can make sure that those offers are visible and memorable to your targets.

we embrace the convenience revolution.

Mobile-first, digitally optimized coupons will prompt higher redemption. Scoppechio develops creative that shines on a small screen and on social, as well as SMS programs and integrations with Mobile Wallet, ultimately making it easier for customers to buy from you.

we unlock personalization with data.

Now is the time to put loyalty program data to good use and pay extra attention to consumer preferences for tailored offers – consumers will notice, remember and return. Scoppechio’s strategists can guide best practices for scalable program structure, segmentation and deployment, as well as what to do with the valuable data
a program provides.

Please contact Robert Kapfhammer by phone at 502.468.0628 or by email at [email protected] to learn more.