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In this evolving new era of work, it’s important to revamp recruitment strategies to ensure your brand resonates with the next generation entering the workforce.

It has become clear that in order to acquire and retain top talent, it is up to us as industry professionals to develop innovative ways to incentivize potential recruits and set our company apart from the competition. We must develop strategies that will spark interest in the workforce, whether that comes from messaging, channel placement, or other forms. By stepping outside the box and creating new and exciting ways to recruit talent, you open the door for individuals with the same values ready to bring their vision to the table. Let’s talk big ideas on how we can make this happen… 

Lean Into Brand Culture

One recruitment strategy that has seen recent success is leaning into the company culture. Today, job seekers don’t just look for positions to fill — they pursue companies with a culture they can flourish in. This means we should be using the recruitment process as a sneak peek into how innovation, fun and culture can be incorporated within the company hiring process and overall become associated with the brand. One way to bring this to life would be by creating a casual hiring event that encourages potential recruits to enjoy themselves and take part in games, food, music and job interviews with less pressure. Introducing a mobile job fair truck could also set your company apart. Hosting a job fair in the parking lot is not only memorable but also convenient. The high visibility and convenience factor encourage potential recruits to approach and be able to interview on the spot, all while limiting disruptions to the physical workplace. 

Give an Incredible Digital Experience

As digital platforms continue to provide significant levels of influence to its audiences, executing your brand through videos, testimonials, benefits and job-path finders can help potential employees find their perfect fit with all the information they need in the palm of their hand. Putting effort into digital presence makes it easier for potential employees to get an idea of the company culture and how other people have benefitted from working at your company. On the industry side, mobile applications with the ability to customize candidate profiles make it easier to organize and communicate with potential candidates, increasing efficiency as opposed to sifting through hundreds of applications. 

Strike Authenticity with Micro-Influencers

With the younger generation entering the workforce, we’re seeing that micro-influencers have more of a sway on them than celebrities do. Nowadays, individuals seek relatability and honesty, which they are more likely to get from someone who looks and sounds like them. Giving a behind-the-scenes look at employees in action, or the environment a prospective employee will get to be part of is key because prospects trust the content being put out with a more authentic feel they would not find elsewhere. This approach works well for brands that value culture and fun and lean into an authentic influencer strategy. 

Tap Into New Potential

Seniors and those within the disabled community are often overlooked as potential candidates within the job market. As Blane Hurst, former CEO of Panera Bread says, “Sure, you may have to adapt your job to their specific capabilities, but you ultimately have to do that with every member of your successful team.” Inclusivity within the workplace can help fill open positions with potential employees that are dedicated, focused, and determined to break any stigma that they are not as capable as able-bodied employees.  

Pivot Focus to Retention

The first step is trying to get new prospects through the door, the next step is focusing on how to keep them. In addition to company benefits, we should create a branded experience that makes it hard for them to look anywhere else. With videos, employee handbooks or workbooks highlighting perks and reasons why your company is the place to work, we can make the workplace a location they look forward to visiting every day. Benefits like in-store discounts, education tuition coverage, health coverage 401 (k) program and employee anniversary gifts are only a handful of ways to keep your employees feeling valued within the company, increasing the likelihood of retention. 

Some questions to ponder: How else can we reach these segments? How do we tell the story of how they may benefit from a new work experience?

There is no right or wrong way to approach this new era of work. While some methods may draw the attention of potential recruits, others may not get a second glance — and that is okay. Sparking interest in the workforce is a process, and Ad Cucina is here to help. To see how we can help you develop unique ideas to boost your recruitment efforts, fill out the form below.