The secret ingredient​ to effectively maximizing demand generation

Ingredion B2B Demand Generation


Ingredion is a leading global food processing and ingredients company focused on clean and simple ingredients. Their rapid growth and product expansion created a matrixed organization that made it difficult to maintain, track, and optimize incoming leads along 20+ product lines.  

They tasked us with helping them streamline their US/CAN regional media buying to deliver on their lead generation goals but also be more easily tracked and optimized throughout the year. 


Better Understand Current Marketing Efforts and Their Role in the Customer Journey 

Understanding the business challenges faced by complex organizations, we analyzed current marketing efforts across all product Platforms and Categories. This included an assessment of always-on content (website/marketing automation) and proactive outbound communication.  

Doing this uncovered an opportunity to implement new strategies to harness the power of the Customer Journey – utilizing high-level Global support, while filling the funnel with Regional content & media to create demand at the market level. ​ 


Omni-Channel Strategy + Precision Tracking Breeds Success 

We established an Omnichannel media strategy that delivered a mix of content and media tactic combinations to push leads down the funnel – from Programmatic and Company Targeting to Webinar support at the right moments in the Customer Journey. 

In tandem, we deployed a multi-layer pixel/tagging strategy that allowed us to aggregate data at both a holistic executive level and at a campaign level. This enabled more precise tracking and optimization at each Category and Platform, and also as broad as by annual calendar and budget.  

Ultimately, the union of omnichannel strategy and more accurate data collection has made for a powerful Performance Marketing program within Ingredion’s US/CAN region. Implementation has allowed us to produce a successful demand generation strategy that has delivered on the company’s goal of efficiently driving leads in 2022. 



Average CPL for paid outbound activity (YoY)*

*January- October 2022


Projected lead growth vs. 2021


In lead pipeline driven by marketing efforts*

*January- October 2022


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