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Takeout on the Town

Take-Out and Coffee in workplace environment

As self-described foodies, we know a thing or two about the best place to get a burger in town, who serves the most authentic pho, and whose pizza game is on point. We also know that supporting that local burger joint, noodle shop or pizza parlor is important all the time and not just during a pandemic. Late last year, we started to think more about our shared office lunch habits and how decreased foot traffic was hurting some of our most cherished downtown dining spots. So, we came up with a plan: support a restaurant once a week with “Takeout Tuesday.”

The idea is so simple that with a little bit of planning and coordination, you can pull it together in almost any workplace. First, we informed our teammates that we were starting an initiative to support local businesses. Then, we pooled a name of restaurants, focusing on our client partners, as well as local favorites and other restaurants large and small alike. Once a week, we draw a name and contact that restaurant to ask if they can handle a large order on a specific day. Most often, they answer with something like “yes, please!” Employees are then invited to place an order from the designated restaurant during a designated time frame on Tuesday. Orders are placed under a specific group name, so the restaurant has everyone’s order in one place, ready to go.

As a bonus, one lucky participant is chosen at random each week to receive a free lunch on our dime. (Who said there’s no such thing as a free lunch?) It’s a delicious way to put our money where our mouth is, so to speak, when it comes to supporting the restaurant industry, starting right here in our home office.

Ad Cucina is grateful for the local restaurants that have accommodated our rather large orders and excited to continue to throw our support and appetites behind our neighbors in the restaurant industry.

If you’d like to be added to our list of restaurants, please shoot us a line so we can place an order with you!